Who We Are
Our Program

What do you want your child to learn about the most?

We know it's important that your child's time in daycare should be a time where they can feel stimulated learning about new things. We've modeled our curriculum to give your child access to any materials they need so they can be excited to share their discoveries with you.

We want to envelop your child into habits of perseverance through problem solving, critical thinking, and using proper etiquette when interacting with their peers, staff, and parents. We believe that doing this will allow your child to transition into their school years with a sense of readiness when exposed to a new setting. 

Our staff is trained with the skills necessary to work with small circles as well as one-to-one training, wanting your child to feel accomplished when they complete something new. 

If your child has any specific interests, let us know so we can add something familiar when learning new concepts.

Below is what we involve your child in when enrolled into Tomorrow's Kids:

  • Early Literacy, Writing, and Reading Aloud
  • Name Recognition 
  • Development In Fine Motor Skills 
  • Expressions Through Art
  • Music and Rhythm
  • Colors, Shapes, and Numbers 
  •  Hand / Eye Coordination Training
  • Problem Solving Techniques
  • Self Feeding / Self Care
  • Personal Safety

We also offer Before and After-School care, Extended Hours, and care during the school summer months (June to September), all upon request. If you're interested in learning more about our programs or haven't seen something specific listed here, contact us so we can get back to you as quick as possible.